If you have to have to produce leads of individuals interested in having updated vehicle insurance coverage prices, right here is a script that performs good. All of the verification concerns are asked 1st to make trust with the prospect prior to asking for new info. Never more than consider your lead generation campaign, usually the simplest processes yield the greatest final results. Get started off with a quick greeting and clarify the cause for the contact inside the 1st 30 seconds or threat losing the prospect's focus. Confirm 1st, ask for new info second. Use verification concerns to make report with prospects prior to asking for new info. For instance, “I show your address as…”, versus, “how substantially is your month-to-month auto insurance coverage policy at the moment?”

Create out rebuttals that the telemarketer may well have to have to manage frequent objections. Believe of these as possibilities to give additional info as properly as steer the conversation back to producing a lead. Creating interest and undertaking some very simple verification function really should be the principal objective of each and every contact. Never make the error of attempting to pack as well substantially into each and every contact.

“Hi, may perhaps I speak with __________? Hi _________, this is AGENT NAME, I am calling from XXX vehicle insurance coverage, I am just calling to confirm your info so we can deliver you with updated auto insurance coverage quotes, I show your name as NAME and your address as ADDRESS in CITY, STATE, and the zipcode is ZIPCODE I also have your e-mail as E mail ADDRESS, is this right?

Thank you, and what is your marital status? (single or married).

Are there any further drivers we really should incorporate? (if yes get name, date of birth).

We comprehend people's automobiles usually alter, so what car do you at the moment insure? I just have to have the year, make and model.

Are there any further automobiles? (if so have to have the year, make and model).

Are you at the moment a homeowner? (personal/rent)

And who is your existing vehicle insurance coverage organization?

Thank you, and lastly I have your date of birth listed as/what is your date of birth? (if not listed in make contact with information)

To make confident we can save you the most dollars we will have a nearby insurance coverage agent make contact with you so that you acquire the greatest price and coverage attainable. Thank you for your time and have a good day.”

Side Note: This script performs good with a net-primarily based lead type, you can swiftly generate a type that follows this format in Google Docs and will provide final results to an on line spreadsheet that updates in genuine time.